David Elliott Best Paper Award

Our paper entitled “Seismic evidence for lithospheric thinning and heat in the northern Canadian Cordillera” was recently awarded the David Elliott Best Paper Award from the Canadian Tectonics Group division of the Geological Association of Canada! The CTG review publications from the previous calendar year from more than 35 journals to nominate excellent publications by a Canadian first author or on a Canadian field area. Below is the citation from the short list committee.

“This study by Audet et al. provides a multifaceted approach to investigate the origin of the lithospheric mantle beneath the northern Cordillera. The authors seamlessly integrate geophysical data with thermal modelling and geological observations to test hypotheses of the age and origin of the very thin lithosphere beneath the northern Cordillera. The paper is well-written, succinct and is accessible to non-specialists.”

Pascal Audet
Professor of Geophysics & University Research Chair