2 Graduate Positions in Marine Seismology

The Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of Ottawa invites applications to fill two fully funded graduate positions (MSc or PhD) in the uOttawa Geophysics group (https://www.uogeophysics.com). The students will work on several projects related to the study of lithosphere structure and dynamics at tectonic plate boundaries through seismic imaging. Potential research targets include the Hikurangi margin (New Zealand), the Cascadia subduction zone and the Queen Charlotte fault region. Projects may involve seismic data collection at sea using arrays of broadband ocean-bottom seismic instruments from the NFSI (http://www.nfsi.ca) and other facilities. The successful candidates will be expected to design and implement data processing tools combined with modern, statistical learning-based methods to investigate the seismic velocity structure of the lithosphere.

The application deadline for the graduate positions is January 15, 2023, with a start date in September 2023.

All inquiries and application packages should be directed to Prof. Pascal Audet (he/him) at pascal.audet@uottawa.ca

See here for more details.

Pascal Audet
Professor of Geophysics & University Research Chair