Congratulations are in order for two recent UOgeophysics graduates! Stephen Mosher successfully defended his thesis entitled “Neural Network Applications in Seismology” on 14 May, 2021. Following his PhD, Stephen worked at Ocean Networks Canada and is now Acoustical Consultant at State of the Art Acoustik Inc. Jeremy Gosselin successfully defended his thesis entitled “Passive seismic imaging of lithosphere structure at active tectonic margins in Canada and New Zealand” on 17 November, 2021.

Hikurangi project funded

We are happy to announce that our proposal for the study of the southern Hikurangi subduction zone has been fully supported. This project will involve deploying a fleet of 20 broadband OBS from the NFSI during one year to study the seismicity and seismic velocity structure in the locked zone of the Hikurangi margin that is thought to produce large megathrust earthquakes. The project is a collaboration between the University of Ottawa (Pascal Audet), Dalhousie University (Mladen Nedimovic), Victoria University of Wellington (Martha Savage) and GNS Science (Laura Wallace, Emily Warren-Smith, Katie Jacobs).